Sunday, June 22, 2008

June and some rain

There has been a surprising amount of rain up our way - I say surprising because we haven't had it in the city, but then our bit of land is around 500 metres above sea level, which makes a difference. So the moss and fungi are sprouting. The plant above was on the side of a huge granite rock - two growing together. I can't identity either, but they look to me like either sphagnum moss or lichen of some kind.

I love the way these grow anywhere, and often out of cracks in trees. This was a dead tree on the ground, but I've also seen neat rows of fungi in tree stumps and in live trees.


Lorraine said...

These are fascinating photos, Sherryl. Nature is incredible when it comes to symmetry in miniature and, in early mornings, with due or frost on these tiny plants, they glisten.

I also find the fungi fascinating in their grace. The timber in your pictures could be taken for flowing water and, for me, this makes the pictures even more beautiful.

Keep on snapping.

Gouldiae said...

G'day Sherryl,
Yes, nice entry. The 'miniature forest' effect of moss and lichen beds always fascinates me.

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