Sunday, July 19, 2009

Conservation at all costs?

This is a tree. A very large gum tree - actually only half of it, because the other half (it was a double-trunker) fell the other way. You may discern that under this tree is a shed. Or what is left of it.
This is one of the trees that we wanted to cut down, but were told we were not allowed. This is an old and historic tree, the council man said. It must be preserved. This was three years ago when, even then, it was obvious the two trunks were gradually moving apart, and the tree falling was inevitable.
This tree is no longer old and historic. It is FLAT on the ground and it is becoming FIREWOOD. Unlike many of our other varied and beautiful gum trees, which are numerous and have birds and animals in them, this tree was clearly doomed, even to those who didn't know much about trees. Now it has gone. Our task is to try and extract our stuff from the shed, bit by bit.
The tree cannot be left for native habitat. There are many other fallen trees doing this job much better. Hopefully now it has gone, it will leave room for new trees.
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