Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Kids on the Block

With all the rain over the past year or more (after 10 years of drought), it continually surprises me what I find popping up - plants I have never seen before, that obviously have been biding their time, waiting for sufficient rainfall to sprout again. Some I am having trouble identifying so all help gratefully received! I think the one above is either a trigger plant or a wax flower.
The stems are tall and the flowers grow up the stem - leaves at the bottom like a lily.

This one is a wattle mat-rush (thanks to my Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges book).

This is a very striking mat-rush, the many-flowered variety (I think).

And this is a lily I have rarely seen. We have a lot of beautiful fringe lilies, and a few others, mostly vanillas. I think this is a chocolate lily, although if I'd realised when I saw it, I could have sniffed to see if it really did smell of chocolate!
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