Sunday, August 15, 2010

Falling Trees and Wombats

It seemed to be one of those days today. We were 100 metres from our front gate and there was a tree across the road. It had fallen about five seconds before we got there (we knew this because we passed another car about 4 seconds beforehand, and I think the tree had come down just after he'd gone past). Can't help wondering how close it was, whether he saw it in his rear view mirror! Anyway, he flashed his headlights at us as a warning, which was good.

It took half an hour for the local CFAs and council person to arrive with chainsaws - in the meantime someone else had come along and made a start. The tree was soon cleared, but as last night was really windy, we did wonder how things were on our place. Luckily only one small tree down and not near the house.

But on our walk later in the day, we came across a small, rather wet wombat, who very obligingly stopped in the middle of the track and let us take photos. And a couple of short videos, that won't upload in their present format! Hopefully I'll get them uploaded somehow soon.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Fungi and Plenty of Moss

We've had a huge amount of rain, evidence being waves of leaf debris on the tracks, washed down into patterns. And the mud. And everything being soaked. Most of the fungi has gone, apart from tiny growths here and there, mostly on tree trunks.
Now we have lots of moss - often in bright green patches, although there are some places where the ground is covered in it for many metres.

Moss pathway, leading up to what I think is heather!
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