Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Late winter fungi

Not much in the way of fungi this year, unlike previous drier years. I would have thought more rain would have helped, but it's also been really cold. Spring flowers just emerging now in mid-September.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Wallabies and Roos

 We often see kangaroos as we arrive - they sit in the neighbour's paddock and watch us. This group (top) looks as though they want to keep a close eye on us!

While walking a few weeks ago, I heard something and stopped (always a good strategy if you want to see anything other than a disappearing bit of fur). There, just off the track, were three wallabies ... or are they roos? I confess I assumed they were wallabies because of their size. Usually if there are several roos together, at least one of them is quite large. I looked at three different websites today and none of them helped! Readers here might have an opinion?

At first I thought there was only one (we definitely have one swamp wallaby who is always on its own), but then two more heads popped up (below).
 Then they realised they weren't alone, and all three bolted - in different directions. This one below was the last to make a run for it, and didn't realise he was heading straight for me! Dodged me at the last moment and skidded on past, hence the quick photo below.

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