Sunday, December 22, 2013

More December photos

I am now thinking these are pale vanilla lilies. Like the fringe lilies, they are blooming everywhere but you almost don't see them as you walk - they are so small and delicate.

This is new to me - the book says it is Slender Speedwell.

Plenty of birds around at the moment, most of which are high in the canopy. A flock of magpies are constantly flying around like black and white swooping flags, warbling and singing.
This is a crimson rosella, waiting for its friends to come back.

Still not sure what this is, although it could be a variety of loosestrife. It's only growing in the bottom of the gully where it's been very wet over winter.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Early December flowers

Another fringe lily, just because they are my favourites.

Blue pincushions - after a slow start they are all coming out on the north side.

Bluebell - not so many this year but this was a large one.

Vanilla lily - in my reference book these are purple but all the ones I have seen are white.

Often when a tree falls, it tried to keep growing, sending out lots of small spurts. This one has finally given up.
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