Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spring Flowers December

It's so lovely to walk around at this time of year and see all the wildflowers blooming. Some have already been and gone, but some are just now coming into their best shows. This (above) is new to me. I'm not entirely sure what it is, and it is only blooming in one spot that I've found. My best guess from the book I have is Grass Trigger-plant. Am I right?
These are my favourites - Fringe Lilies. I could have posted three photos but hopefully this is the best!
Along the north side of our property, where the sun gets through more, there are dozens of Blue Pincushions. It's not until you get up close that you can see the pins! I noticed today that there are hundreds of bluebells growing all over the place. I've not seen them in such numbers before. Is this because we've had more winter rain? Will this mean more butterflies this summer? Time will tell.


Denis Wilson said...

I have never seen the "Blue Pincushions". Apparently it is Brunonia australis, and grows near Bendigo. looks very nice.

Sherryl said...

From a distance, they look like bright blue dots. Long stalks and leaves at ground level, so the flowers are very noticeable.

Snail said...

The fringe lilies are spectacular!

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