Sunday, April 19, 2009

Little Rain, Little Change

Over the past few weeks there has been a bit of rain, enough to green up the sides of the roads, but ultimately it hasn't done much at all for the bush. All that has happened is a bit of new bracken has come up (the slight tinges of green you see above), but nothing more than that.

I have no new photos of plants or flowers, because everything still is just dead. We see kangaroos regularly, and our one lone swamp wallaby, but haven't spotted the wombat - just the piles of poo where he's been! I have to be content with small delights - a magpie gliding up to a branch, its wings spread to show the beautiful black and white pattern; the wrens squabbling in the bracken; occasional kookaburras swooping around and sounding off. The butterflies have disappeared early this year - usually by mid-April there are still plenty around. Melbourne dams are sitting around 28% full (72% empty) and the forecast says no real rain until June. It all continues to look pretty grim.

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Snail said...

It's still dire, isn't it? Rain to the east but not much elsewhere. At least the wombat seems to finding plenty of stuff to eat!

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