Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fungi Outcrops

Going for walks has been fun, as mushrooms and toadstools of all sizes, shapes and colours have been on the tracks and in the undergrowth. Lots of tiny orange ones started erupting a couple of weeks ago. Then I went down another track where there are several large trees on the ground, and found little "villages" of fungi along the trunks.
Now that it's rained quite a bit this week, and is getting very cold (due to snow on the mountains further north), I suspect a lot of these will shortly disappear.


Evelyn said...

great pics! Im not crazy about bugs actually im afraid of them and cant be near them at all. but the fungi that was amazing took me back to my child years in my country we had them everywhere and I would stare at them for hours. Good eye, will visit again to see what you see.

Sherryl said...

I'm more interested in plants than bugs, Evelyn, but you'll see the occasional one here!

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