Sunday, August 14, 2011

Winter Notes

I haven't posted for a while - it's been so wet and gloomy that I've hardly taken a photo worth sharing! But now have a few that were interesting (to me, anyway). The wombat has been very busy and we find plenty of diggings every weekend, along with poo markers. In this case, it managed a very neat line along the track! Couldn't resist a photo.

The rain brings with it a mass of moss, mostly on the ground but on logs, too. Not much in the way of fungi yet, probably because it's not warm enough.

This was hanging from one of the water tanks and caught my eye today. A tidy little place to hang some eggs? Or a different kind of cocoon? What might have constructed this?

As you can see, when we turned it around, the leaf is neatly sealed along its length. That wouldn't be easy to do with a brittle, dry gum leaf!
All thoughts from you on what might be inside are welcome.


Snail said...

It could be this spider. (Warning: contains spider pics.)

Sherryl said...

I thought it probably was a spider, but would that one be in Victoria in the bush?
Googled for leaf rolling spiders in Victoria but the dozens of spider photos got the better of me!

Snail said...

I had a look on the Atlas of Living Australia and that species doesn't occur in Vic. An alternative (that definitely occurs in Vic) is the leaf-curling spider (Phonognatha). They have a curled leaf retreat in the main web, but also use a leaf for the egg case, which is parked somewhere nearby. The ones I've seen are a bit slapdash in their curling. I've never seen any that neat!

Museum Victoria's Discovery Centre might be able to help with a tentative ID.

Sherryl said...

It is very neat! The info says the egg case is away from the main web (which fits here because this is on the side of the water tank - no obvious web nearby). The strands that are holding it in place are quite thick and strong, compared with normal webs.
I'll check it out next time I'm up there and see if anything has happened!

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