Thursday, December 29, 2011

Flora and Fauna Late December

There are dozens of these coming out in flower right now, but after an hour of looking through books and websites, I haven't yet been able to identify this plant. It grows to about 40-50cm high.

Having had a large huntsman in the house recently (see previous post) and recognising it easily, I was then surprised to find this on a tree trunk and discover it's also a huntsman - a Badge Huntsman (I think!).

We've been moving wood around and clearing up for bushfire safety reasons, but I've found lots of interesting creatures along the way. This leads to photos, which then leads to attempts at identification via the net! I think this is Friedman's Bark Cockroach.


Snail said...

Have you been out at night with a torch and spotlighted (spotlit?) huntsman spiders on tree trunks? Probably not a good idea for the even slightly arachnophobic. In fact, forget I mentioned it.

Bark cockroaches are wonderful little creatures. It's really amazing the variety of critters that live in and around wood.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Sherryl
The pink flower is the common Centaury or European Centaury
Centaurium erythraea
Pretty plant, but introduced.
Wikipedia says it has some "herbal medicinal" properties.
I am not recommending any such uses.

Sherryl said...

Snail, you just know I won't be able to resist doing that, and then I won't sleep!

Thanks for the flower ID, Denis. I was beginning to suspect it wasn't a native when I couldn't find it in any of my resources.

Snail said...

Oh, it's a weed! What a shame, because it is quite pretty.

Citybushie said...


Citybushie said...

Hi Sherryl,
about the European Centaury plant. I once knew a elderly gentleman who would pick the leaves,and boil them to make a tonic drink.I tried them myself once, but it was not my liking.
all the best.

Sherryl said...

There's quite a bit of it now (not that I plan to make tea!). Soon I'll have to weed it out, I can see, like the dandelions.

citybushie said...

Its strange that you should mention dandelions; that's another edible plant again I knew a bloke who used to dig up the roots,wash them. roast them and make dandelion coffee from them. Also the leaves can be used in salads.Not that I'm recommending that you do it.
All the best.

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