Monday, October 20, 2014

It's spring!

The first thing that always flowers and provides bright points of yellow and red everywhere is the Creeping Bossiaea.

This spring, thanks to Jo from Trust for Nature, I have discovered our small bird orchids. The one above is just coming out, the one below is darker and has been out for a while.

Also this year we have rice flowers again, after a couple of springs with hardly any. Below is Twining Glycine (I think). It always grows up and around the bracken.

These bright red flowers are commonly called Running Postman. They only grow in one place, in the middle of the track, and you can't miss them!

 And here is our sign at the front gate (and down the other end where our property meets the neighbour's with no fence) which says we are proud Trust for Nature people!

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Denis Wilson said...

Your blue flowers, twining stems, looks like a Pea, but it isn't.
It is in the Polygala Family. Pink ones here are known as Match Heads.
Yours is Comesperma volubile probably. See:

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