Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The end of summer

It's been a non-event summer this year, which is both good and bad. Actually, wonderful in that there have been no bush fires in our area, and very few across the state (compared to other years). But a non-event in that we have had hardly any butterflies (quite a few dragonflies)and hardly any wildflowers. Most times I have been for walks with my camera, there has been nothing to photograph. So those I'm including in this post are from the past two months.

 A cluster of ... insect eggs? On a gum leaf.

Parrot parading on the grass out the front of the house.

Been seeing a few kangaroos and this wallaby is often around.

Some experimenting with the panorama function on the camera.


Mosura said...

Those egg like things seem to be some kind of leaf galls.

Wasn't much of a summer in Tassie either.

Sherryl Clark said...

I think you're right about the galls - I did wonder. Thanks!

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