Friday, July 31, 2015

July photos - what is this?

Would appreciate it if anyone can identify this. It's mouse-sized, but with a wider face and bigger ears.
Sadly it drowned in a bucket that had been left outside and had some water in it after heavy rain. :-(
Apologies for the poor photo.

 More fungi.
 And more. With some rain and cold weather, they are blooming!

Kangaroos coming closer to the house these days - they'll be inside by the fire next!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sheryl, it's a bit difficult from the photo and not knowing the photo's location but it could be whole range of species. It may even be a House Mouse but its features may be pronounced due to it being wet. You could possibly rule out a Dunnart as they usually can't climb very well. May even be an Antechinus.
Do you have any other diagnostic feature of the critter? Where was it found?
Anyway, sorry I can't help at the moment.

Sherryl Clark said...

Hi Craig, We actually ended up finding two of them - this one was in the bucket, and then my husband found the cap off our outside drain from the bathroom, and another one was in the drain (also dead but not drowned as we hadn't been there for a while and no water had gone down that drain). We are in the bush, 500 metres above sea level about 100km north of Melbourne. Lots of eucalypts and bracken, no paddocks within 250 metres, just bush.
With the climbing, I guess climbing into a bucket or down into a drain counts? Goodness knows how the second one got the cap off the drain - it was plastic but had a rock on top!
I've Googled lots of mice - house and native - but the thing that struck me about these two were their wide faces - noticeably wide. All the photos I have found of mice have been much narrower.
All suggestions welcome because I can then Google further and see if I find a match.

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