Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last week of December - more green

 Large skink (around 12-14 cm) basking near the track.

 Cascades of new leaves from a burnt gum tree.

 New bracken is growing the most on south-facing slopes. Here it's creeping towards my favourite rocks.

 But with the bracken regrowth come the birds returning. We now have finches, wrens and wagtails in the thicker bracken, and with the fuzzy new growth at the tops of some trees, we have magpies, cockatoos and kookaburras as well as smaller birds.
This is, I think, a forest kingfisher, and I don't remember ever seeing one here before.

 The new leaves are determined to get out, splitting the burnt bark of the eucalypts.

 I was very happy to see lots of spots where the bosseia is regrowing at the north end. This had become a widespread ground cover with bright, deep yellow flowers in spring. Glad it's making a comeback.

Already with the bracken growing, some of the burnt, fallen and broken trees are being hidden.


Marjory said...

Great to se the regrowth, Sherryl. Slowly, slowly, but it will get there.

Sherryl Clark said...

It's good to see more than just bracken regrowing, Marjory!

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