Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May 2016

 With the amount of rain we've had, the sprouting from the gum trees is continuing, and in some trees there are signs of canopy growth, too.

 The tussock grass is re-sprouting around the edges, making them look like monks' tonsures!

 In the lower areas and gullies, most of the trees are showing signs of sprouting, even if only at their bases.

 Rain on the new gum leaves sits like liquid jewels.

 There is now a lot of bracken making it look green, but underneath the bracken the ground is still bare and/or black. With the continued rain, we're starting to get grass and various green native plants growing (even a native violet or two) but nothing substantial yet. It will take until spring to see what is really going to regrow.

 This is the top end of the property where the fire was clearly fierce (as it usually is at the top of the hill). Some sprouting here but many of the trees are still black and may never come back.

 An example of sprouting from the trunk. This one is quite big and the branches at least a centimetre in diameter. It will be interesting to see how much of this trunk sprouting survives into full branches. Some of it has already fallen off.

 There is a huge amount of lemondra growing, far more than I have ever seen before. This is the first I've seen with flowers starting to show.

There are still some trees with trunk sprouts for the first time, in beautiful colours like this against the black.

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