Sunday, January 28, 2018

New trail camera

This was once our trail camera, until the bushfire and then it melted. Now we have a new one at last.
 We set it up near the house and these are from the first week of photos. Meet the wallaby. She's used to the house so we often see her around. For a while we watched her joey in the pouch and then it was out, scampering around.

 Now what is that thing with the light on it? This is small (below) - a wallaby  joey? Curious!

 The wombat emerges and wanders past.

A fleeting passerby - a bird of some kind!


Snail said...

The wallabies are posing nicely!

I wonder if your bird is a young crimson rosella?

Sherryl Clark said...

I wasn't sure because can't see any red!

Jones Morris said...

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