Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Summer Heat

As it gets hotter and drier, there's not much happening flower-wise. At the end of December I found this - a Sticky Everlasting - and a few more Hyacinth Orchids. There has been more rain this year than we've had for a while, so the bracken is not dying off as it has done before.
We've spent the past two weekends putting a culvert in at the bottom gate, so no time for walking and photos, unfortunately.


Tom said...


Very cool blog, I was lucky to see an echidna while visiting Oz in 1999. What cool creatures!


Sherryl said...

Thanks, Tom. I hope to add more photos soon when I identify the plants!
I come from NZ originally, where there are no echidnas, only hedgehogs (presumably an import from the UK - I don't think they are native) so I think echidnas are really cool too. And very funny when they are trying to dig their way away from you, head buried and the rest of them still totally visible!

Snail said...

Hyacinth orchids are so showy. I saw some up at the northern end of Lerderderg Gorge State Park. I'm envious that you have them on your property!

Sherryl said...

When most other things are small and close to the ground, the hyacinth orchids have amazed me by their height. I've seen a couple nearly two feet tall - or should that be 60cm?

April said...

You have a very interesting blog. Hope you continue to post. :)

Sherryl said...

Thanks, April. As there are almost no flowers right now, I have begun to photograph gum trees - I find the bark is interesting.
If Blogger cooperates, I hope to post very shortly. It seems to go through periods where photos won't upload.

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