Sunday, December 30, 2007

Flora and Fauna!

This echidna was determined to stay with his nose under the leaves until I went away. We saw him along Burke and Wills Track, and had to stop and take a photo.
At the moment there are quite a few acacia seedlings coming up - this is a Silver Wattle, I think. They often don't last, due to the canopy starving them of light, but those that do persist and grow into trees tend to be spindly and fall over after a few years. However, down the south end there is more light and there are some bigger trees that look wonderful when in flower.
I have only found a couple of these and I'm guessing when I say they're Pink Sun-orchids, but I'm pretty sure they're Sun-orchids of some kind because of the stamens.
There are still lots of bluebells around, but most other things I've posted photos of so far have gone. It'll be interesting to see what the summer flowers might be.
I have spent the last two visits up there with my home-made weed wand, attacking all the dandelions. It's the only weed we seem to have a bit of, and I'm determined to try and get rid of as many as I can. However, as the neighbour's paddock is full of them, it's going to be a long battle!


Martin Stevens - Wolverlei said...

Hi Sherryl,

Nice pic but I think this is a centaurium. An european plant as far as I know and probably imported (yust as many species)

Sherryl said...

I think you're right, Martin. That explains why it wasn't in my wildflowers book!
I'm very much an amateur at this, so any help from those with more knowledge is always appreciated.

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