Tuesday, December 11, 2007


It's been a month since I was here, due to work and being overseas, so I wasn't sure what would now be out in flower. I thought I had missed most of the lilies perhaps, but not so. Above is St. John's Wort - interesting to see it in the wild and not in a vitamin pill bottle!
There weren't as many of these as I had hoped, but as they are quite delicate and sometimes hard to see amongst the bracken, I'll keep looking. This is a Pale Vanilla Lily, quite beautiful the way they are strung out along the stem like this.
There were also lots of Blue Pincushions (more than I've ever seen before) and Bluebells in two different sizes. I also have a photo of something I think is a Lobelia, but it doesn't match the photo in my reference book so I'll check it out further.

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