Sunday, December 16, 2007

December 16th

Just for a change, some fauna instead of flora. According to the website I consulted, this is: Common Brown - Heteronympha merope - This widespread butterfly is common along the hills face zone and in the Adelaide suburbs. The caterpillars feed on native and introduced grasses. Wingspan - female (top) 64mm, male (bottom) 56mm.
There are lots of these butterflies at Lancefield, and I was really happy to see so many today, along with Wanderers. The drought affects them immensely, I imagine because of less flowers and flowering trees to feed on.
I've posted this flower before, but it's so gorgeous, I had to do it again. Common Fringe Lily. Nothing common about this!
First time I've sighted this so far. A Rosy Hyacinth Orchid. Just the one, in among the bracken.
I spent a lot of time today with my home-made Weed Wand (soaked in weed killer) walking around stabbing dandelions. It's one of the few weeds we have. Then when we drove out of the property to go home, here is the neighbour's paddock full of them. I will fight on!

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