Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sap and ... what?

Spring is on the way, I guess, and I have photos to post ... when Blogger decides to stop being on a go-slow. So the gum trees are getting excited, and I keep finding little knobs of red sap on the ground. This is on a tree, though.
And this is ... mould? I think I've posted a similar photo a year or more ago, and someone suggested it was a type of mould or fungus, but this specimen wasn't in a damp area. It was sitting on the side of the track in the grass and leaves. It did look wet, though.


Snail said...

Could it be a slime mould? They wander about, so the colony might be on its way somewhere.

Denis Wilson said...

Yes, Snail is on the money.
Gaye's Fungi Blog has lots on Slime Moulds. Many different ones, but I have seen the same as yours, on grass.
They don't last, as they move, but also change to a dusty powdery stage very quickly.

Sherryl said...

Thanks for the "diagnosis"! Slime mould - I'll look it up. Amazing - a mould that travels around...
(and my verification word is expedivi - sounds like a Harry Potter spell to make the mould go faster!)

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