Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Effects of Rain

Tall sundews started springing up in October.
The bracken (unfortunately) also started springing up and is now everywhere again, but at least it provides cover for the roos and birds and all the other things that rummage around in the undergrowth.
The wildflowers have gone berserk, especially these bluebells. I've never seen so many, all over the place, before. The blue pincushions up the north end are also numerous. Not so many vanilla lilies and fringe lilies yet, and hardly a riceflower to be seen.
Maybe this will be the summer we see the butterflies back in large numbers again? It's been six years now since that first summer where dozens flew around you with every step. Sigh.


Denis Wilson said...

Hi Sherryl
Interesting comment on the Butterflies. We have masses of Browns and some Macleay Swallowtails here in NSW, Southern Highlands.
Is the shortage in your area a factor of bushfires, do you think?

Sherryl said...

I think the lack of butterflies is more a result of the drought, especially when it was at its worst around 2004/2005. Probably meant a lack of food?
I think I read somewhere that Monash Uni were starting a study on the effects of drought and climate change on butterflies. I haven't got around to following it up.

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