Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mid-September and lots of rain

 More fungi growing in odd places.

 This is at the front of the house in between the pavers. I have to say I have never noticed moss "flowering" like this before. But then maybe I have only started looking down at small plants since I've been doing this blog!

 In twelve years, we've never seen so much water on the property. This is one of the tracks, where the water is now 6-8cm deep in places. Water is running everywhere, from high points all the way down to the creek. Quite amazing.

 This is the creek - running fast. Larger ponds of water to the left. If I ever get the video below the limit I will post it!

Did you say something?


Snail said...

It's greening up very nicely! Love the row of moss sporophytes. :)

Sherryl Clark said...

I knew you would know what they are called!

Mosura said...

Reminds me of Dorothea Mackeller's line "Of droughts and flooding rains".

For a brief moment I thought that was a snake coming at you in the third photo :-)

Sherryl Clark said...

I had to go back and look - it does look a bit like a snake! But it's burnt wood.

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