Friday, September 9, 2016

Spring on the way

 Amazing how much rain we have had. There is a stream running down the central track, and it's growing algae and duckweed! This is the creek, which has probably even more water in it now, since we've had rain all day today.
This creek is dry three years out of four.

Scented sundew out in flower. Several big patches of this near the house but nowhere else.

We often see this wallaby mother near the house. Recently she's had a joey hanging out of her pouch as she eats. Now the joey is out and about, running in wide circles around her (father was present today for the first time) like a mad toddler finding its bearings!

 Here he/she has run in the widest circle all the way up the slope and suddenly stopped as if to say, "Er, hang on, where am I? Where's Mum?" !!

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