Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spring Violets

Native violets, also known as Viola hederacea. When I looked this up on the net, I got mostly gardening sites that talked about native violets as weeds that can take over your garden. But they apparently like damp conditions, which is why I'm seeing so many right now. We had a reasonably wet winter up on the property. This is the one everyone talks about - lilac and white. And these are tiny. I had to get down on my hands and knees to look properly and photograph, and even then, the flowers are slightly out of focus.

But there is another kind of native violet growing on the property, which my trusty Trigg guide tells me is Showy Violet (Viola betonicicfolia). This one has no white in it at all. All small, all delicately beautiful.

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Denis Wilson said...

There are many little native Violets - lovely things all of them. Your photo shows the long pointed leaf of V. betonicifolia quite nicely located in line with the flower. Well done.
Nice to discover them, and sort out what they are.

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