Saturday, October 4, 2008

Winter Moss

There has been a fair bit of rain up our way, much more than in Melbourne itself, so there is plenty of moss around (although not much fungi on trees this year). This yellow stuff only grows in one part of the property, where it is more open and with more sunlight.
Does this mean it's not really moss?!
Whereas down in the creek bed, which is dry (no running water, just some damp), this moss is growing well on the base of an old pussy willow tree. This tree is the only one of its kind on the whole property, so I'm curious as to how it got to grow in the creek.


Denis Wilson said...

Top photo looks like a kind of Sphagnum, to me, but then, as you say, it is odd that it favours brightly lit areas.
Nice moss on the Pussy Willow. In some states, it is a declared noxious weed. Unfortunately, the seeds can float down stream. They can be a huge pest in some wet areas - but in other areas.... ???

Sherryl said...

I've only seen water in this creek (running through the fern, not running freely) once in six years, so seed dispersal doesn't seem to be an issue. And there are no others anywhere else, so that's OK. On the other hand, acacias are popping up everywhere and going crazy.

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